The Government Excellence System is characterised by a number of features that make it unique and bring an added value to government entities applying the system. Below is a list of the most important features:

Focusing on innovation

In order to achieve leadership sustainability, the system focuses on the importance of the continuous development of capacities based on learning from constantly evaluated performance results, and also learning from the best local and international practices through the use of innovative methods and the active participation of customers, the community and stakeholders.

Taking into account the differences and distinctiveness of the nature of work for each government entity

The system has been designed to take into consideration the differences and distinctiveness of the type of work each government entity carries out, with focus placed on areas which help the government to achieve its objectives according to the work fields and competencies. This is in order to ensure fair comparisons between the performance of different government entities, regardless of their work. Some criteria in the system have been identified as only applicable to some entities based on their work and tasks as stipulated in the relevant Memorandum of Association. However, the remaining criteria are mandatory for all entities. Based on the entity’s work, the standard weight of key criteria is changeable.

Focusing on the extent to which the government entities’ key objectives have been achieved

In terms of achieving leadership in implementing work systems, programmes, processes and policies (capabilities), as well as in providing services, the system reflects the importance of focusing on the extent to which these capabilities are compatible with the best international practices, and how effective they are in achieving the desired objectives in ways that ensure the optimum utilisation of resources and sensible expenditure.

Focusing on services and smart transition

The system focuses on developing government services, as well as their provision mechanisms and channels. This will provide an excellent customer experience and added value for current and future customers by using innovative methods in line with the Emirates Government Service Excellence Programme and the Smart Government strategy.

Developing the performance management philosophy to achieve the community’s welfare and happiness, as well as a competitive advantage and leading position for the UAE

In terms of achieving leadership in measuring and following up on the institutional performance, the system reflects the importance of managing the results and outcomes of implementing processes, programmes, services and policies in order to ensure the realisation of the community’s welfare and happiness, as well as the competitive advantage for the entity and the UAE. This is also carried out with a view to achieve leadership in International Competitiveness Indices and long-term sustainability of results.

New assessment method focusing on the results of the main tasks so as to bring an added value to the entity

A new assessment mechanism has been adopted, which includes the formation of a team of international assessors specialised in the work field of each government entity, in addition to subject matter experts specialised in specific administrative areas so as to assess every entity according to its relevant scope of expertise.

A simplified method to participate in the Dubai Government Excellence Programme

Entry for the Dubai Government Excellence Programme Awards is limited to one application only, which must be submitted online. The application form consists of a simple table through which the entity identifies the applicable systems and programmes that cover the requirements of the capabilities’ criteria, as well as the indicators used to follow up on the capabilities’ performance listed in the performance management system “Qarar”, in other central performance measurement systems or its own performance systems, then submitting online. Assessment teams will evaluate the results and then conduct short field visits to complete the assessment process. With respect to the Dubai Medals for Government Excellence, entrants must submit a simplified application form to participate in each of the categories. A separate application will be provided to participants wishing to take part in the best joint government service category.

Ease and clarity of criteria

To ensure clear interdependence and understanding of the nature of the relation between the capabilities and associated results, the system has been designed in a way that guarantees a direct link between capabilities and relevant results of the same criteria. Each criterion is divided into two main sections:

A. Capabilities
B. Results associated with these capabilities