About the initiative:

Pioneering initiative of the Dubai Government Excellence Program to provide a creative work environment in the government sector and to encourage government employees to provide creative ideas, projects development, initiative developments that contributes to the development of their sector. In addition, to the development of their community and Improve government service as well as advancing national development.

Objectives/goals of the initiative:

  • Provide a work environment that encourages creativity, innovation and initiative
  • Motivate government employees to think and work creatively and innovatively away from routine and traditional way
  • Improve the institutional performance and services provided to clients through creativity and innovation
  • Enhancing Dubai's competitiveness and improve their results on creativity and innovation

Events and activities of the Initiative:

  • Ramadan Discussions Panel
  • Dubai Innovators Gate
  • Innovation Journeys
  • Dubai Innovators Avenue
  • Dubai Government Innovation Framework
  • Specialized Training in Innovation & Creativity