In September 1997, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of the Uae, Prime Minister Ruler of Dubai ordered to establish Dubai Government Excellence program(DGEP), to be the driving force behind the development of Dubai's government sector. The program has contributed to a radical change in the performance, concepts, practices and management methods applied in the government sector, thanks to the cooperation of government entities and the programme management in applying standards for models of institutional and functional excellence and utilizing them in continuous improvements in their performance and services.

Since its inception, DGEP works under the patronage and support of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who mandated the program to be the custodian of the Dubai Government Excellence System since 2016. The program is also keen to develop its systems and review Its categories, standards, methodologies and methods of work regularly to keep pace with the renewed changes in the world of management and quality and to respond efficiently to the conditions and requirements of the government sector in Dubai. In september 2019, DGEP launched radical improvements on assessment and recognition schemes in addition to its working systems and initiatives aiming at increasing the added value for government entities

Achieving global leading position for Dubai government through excellence and innovation.

We strive to empower Dubai government entities to develop performance, results and services to reach a global leading position

1- Achieving global leading position for Dubai government through excellence and innovation.

Through the continuous development and update of the model, categories, and criteria of government excellence system and government innovation in Dubai in accordance with the best international practices as well as Dubai government priorities, and conducting professional and objective assessment of government entities by teams of assessors and international subject matter experts specialized in the fields of government work. This assessment provides value-added assessment reports that draw a road map for the government entities to reach global leadership. Finally, recognising government entities and government employees who have achieved distinguished performance in the programs award ceremony.

2- Working as a global hub for the exchange of knowledge in the field of government excellence and government innovation

By facilitating the exchange of knowledge, success stories and best practices within Dubai and with international partners through a range of activities, knowledge initiatives, diverse training programs and building a platform of international experts in the field of government excellence and innovation to be invested and employed in the field of assessment, transfer and exchange of knowledge

3- Supporting leadership to make decisions in the field of excellence and government innovation

Through the preparation of reports and analytical and diagnostic studies in the field of excellence and innovation based on the results of assessments and studies at the level of government sectors and at the level of the government as a whole to support leaders in the decision-making in the field of government performance