Training courses

Specialized courses include a detailed explanation of the requirements and models of the government excellence model, the elite model, and the Innovation framework in Dubai with the participation of experts specialized in the these fields to help their entities achieve global institutional leadership by applying the models and criteria and implementing self-assessments and participation in the development and improvement teams of their employers. These training courses include:

  • Government Excellence Model courses
  • Elite Model courses
  • Innovation courses
Smart Training

An interactive platform to provide training courses through the website or smart devices aimed at raising awareness of the concepts and principles of government administration, excellence and government innovation, each training course includes a simplified explanation of the topic of the course supported by a representative scene or graphics and illustrations (infographics) in addition to a range of interactive exercises and tests.

*Digital DGEP is only Accessed by Dubai Government Employees and registered UAE Government entities.


Dubai for best practices

An initiative aimed at promoting a culture of institutional learning and transfer and sharing of knowledge in the government sector in Dubai through a series of reference comparison projects implemented through teams from each participating government agency so that the initiative team provides specialized training for teams in addition to supervision and technical support during the implementation of projects for a year, as well as documenting the success stories of the participating projects in a specialized site for reference comparisons and best practices in the field of institutional excellence in addition to the publication of specialized books in this field.

Knowledge Webinars

A series of knowledge meetings aimed at building, transferring and sharing knowledge between government entities, including consultative meetings and excellence labs with the coordinators of excellence in government entities, in addition to knowledge seminars and dialogue meetings in which general managers, officials and experts from government Entities and international experts speak to participants.

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*Digital DGEP is Accessed by Dubai Government Employees and registered UAE Government entities.

Dubai Series of Best Practices

A knowledge event aimed at learning about the experiences and achievements of government agencies, teams, projects, initiatives and employees who have won awards for program categories, experts and government business leaders, and the latest trends in the work of the future government, highlighting the challenges that they can face, discussing practical solutions to overcome them, promoting the applications and concepts of knowledge transfer and continuous learning from experiences that represent the best local and global management practices in the field of inspiration, future development and happiness for people.

Leadership Partners

An initiative for cooperation and partnership between entities to improve their performance by transferring expertise and knowledge from the distinguished entities to the less distinguished entities

Global Platform of Experts

A global platform of experts and assessors with the aim of transferring global knowledge and best practices to government entities

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