Hamdan bin Mohammed approves new initiatives to develop Dubai Government Excellence

09 October 2020

Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Executive Council His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, said that the Dubai Government’s Excellence programme reflects the vision of Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, which aims to continuously enhance government operations and processes to keep pace with changes and proactively deal with challenges so that Dubai will be a role model for future cities. Through the programme, Dubai seeks to enhance competitiveness and sustainability while also aligning itself with the government excellence system of the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and the Future.

His Highness Sheikh Hamdan said that government operations require new models in order to match future requirements and ensure the highest standard of living for the people of Dubai. His Highness commended the role played by the Dubai Government Excellence programme in encouraging government entities to maintain their efforts to achieve the highest levels of efficiency in government services. Dubai is among the world’s best in terms of government efficiency and service levels, he noted.

“Today, we are launching a new phase of the Dubai Government Excellence programme, which includes a number of development initiatives and an upgradation of the government excellence system to reflect the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to achieve the highest levels of quality and efficiency in government services,” His Highness said. “We want all government entities to move to the next level of service excellence and global competitiveness. We will raise the bar higher and every entity that succeeds in exceeding expectations will be recognised.”

Sheikh Hamdan further said: “Our objective is to maintain the high quality of life in Dubai, which requires innovative approaches. In Dubai we create the future and don’t wait for it. Government excellence is also key to promoting corporate performance in Dubai, which further drives the sustainable development journey forward and promotes the efficient implementation of various strategic plans.”

Sheikh Hamdan’s remarks came as he approved a number of initiatives that aim to further develop the Dubai Government Excellence programme of the General Secretariat of The Executive Office of Dubai, which seeks to pave the way for a new era of government excellence in Dubai.

His Highness also issued directives for introducing a new category for the programme - “The Best Entity for Emiratisation”. His Highness approved the new corporate identity of the programme which includes the new name of the progamme - “Dubai Government Excellence” – and its new logo.

Secretary General of The Executive Council of Dubai His Excellency Abdulla Al-Basti, said that the programme plays a key role in implementing the vision of Sheikh Mohammed and Sheikh Hamdan. “The new initiatives of Dubai Government Excellence offer a chance for government entities to upgrade and continuously develop their operations in order to implement the leadership’s vision to enhance and promote public-private sectors partnership as part of ensuring the highest quality of life for Dubai residents,” Al Basti said.

Coordinator General of the Dubai Executive Council's Government Excellence Program Hazza Khalfan Al Nuaimi said the new initiatives seek to promote the programme as a tool for improving government excellence and achieve the highest level of efficiency by implementing the UAE Government’s requirements for excellence, harnessing new technologies and leveraging public-private partnerships to serve society.

Al Nuaimi said that updating the assessment criteria will help reduce the burden of government entities and promote government efficiency.

The new initiatives of Dubai Government Excellence will include:

  • An evaluation system that encourages government entities to develop and lead by competing on two levels: Basic level and Maturity level of excellence.
  • An advanced evaluation system that includes new and variable axes for entities that achieve leadership positions among the maturity level of excellence "elite".
  • A results-based evaluation system and measurement of the impact of government action.
  • A system that enhances the transparency of the results of evaluation and clarifies the ranking of entities and how they compare with others entities.
  • Advanced assessment reports that follow global best practices, as well as government-level excellence reports
  • A mechanism for inter-agency cooperation and partnership to enhance their performance through knowledge and experience transfer.
  • A new recognition framework that reflects leadership trends and priorities of the Dubai government.

Categories of Corporate Excellence for 2020

  • Elite Award
  • Leading Government Award
  • Best Entity for Innovation
  • Best Achievement of Dubai Plan 2021
  • The Happiest Working Environment
  • The Best Entity in Digital Government
  • Best Service Provider
  • The Best Entity for Efficiency and Governance
  • The Best Entity for Emiratisation
  • Most friendly environment for people of determination

Dubai Medals Categories for Government Excellence for 2020:

  • Best Deputy/Assistant-Director General/CEO
  • The Most Innovative Employees
  • Best Employee in the Supervisory Field
  • Best Employee in the Specialised Jobs Field
  • Best Field Employee
  • Best Employee in the Administrative Field
  • Best Employee in Customer Service Field
  • Best New Employee