Initiative objectives

  • Promote a culture of organizational learning and the transfer and exchange of knowledge in the government sector in Dubai
  • Improve government performance and the application of best practices to promote creativity and innovation and improve the satisfaction and happiness of all the stake holders.
  • Human Resources training and capacity building, according to the latest global methods and tools in the field of organizational learning and knowledge sharing
  • Enhance Dubai's image as an international hub in the area of ​​government administration, excellence, creativity and organizational learning and knowledge sharing.

Initiative tracks

The first track: “Excellence Makers” , consists of intensive training and facilitation for a number of organizational learning projects that are selected based on predefined criteria including strategic importance, impact and success probability. Each project is handled by a team of 3-6 members whom are dedicated to the project.  Expert advice, assistance and overall project management are provided to assist in identifying and implementing best practices from the start to completion of projects which focus in improving performance or services of the government entity.

The second track: organizational learning and knowledge sharing training which consists of intensive training in English and Arabic in respect of the TRADE which is a methodology consisting of five stages (T – Terms of Reference, R – Research current state, A – Acquire best practices, D – Deploy best practices, E – Evaluate the outcomes) and has an accompanying certification scheme (consisting of Level 1 – Trained, Level 2 – Proficiency and Level 3 – Mastery).

The third track: Best practices Resources which includes granting government entities access to a global database that contains thousands of best practices in various areas of excellence and management. This provides an opportunity to government entities to learn from these best practices in the development and improvement projects as well as uploading best practices found in the government entities in Dubai, to a dedicated section in the website of the data base pertaining DGEP logo, hence enhancing Dubai's image globally.